Mental Training

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

While the realization over the past few years has been that physical strength gets you a foot in the door, being able to have the mental fortitude to get you through the highs and lows of a long season is what will make the difference between high performance athletes and those who struggle to get by. Obviously, there are times that physical abilities mask faults in someone’s character, but what happens when the playing field is leveled? What happens when ability alone will not suffice? Will your work ethic be sound enough? Will you be able to have an established routine? Will you understand how to cope with short-term failure? These are the subtle yet must impactful areas of the game that PEGS MST (Mental Strength Training) is able to teach you, not only as an athlete, but as a human being. 

​Recent research studies have proven the effectiveness that mental skills training can bring to young athletes. As many as 85% of studies concluded that MST showed positive effects on performance. The enhancement of performance isn’t just in the repetitions taken day in and day out as the seasons approach, but also in how purposeful these reps are and what state you are in when performing.

​Our primary goal is to ensure that athletes who seek out PEGS MST are not only able to learn valuable knowledge to apply to both sports and life, but also to give athletes the keys to unlock their future potential. Regardless of how pressure-filled a situation is, and no matter what thoughts may be going through your head, our training will allow you to take a step back and refocus to succeed in that moment and many moments after. The goal is not just short-term immediate success, the goal is to establish and develop routines, cues, and other vital components that we will go over to ensure high performance across a long-term career. 

​PEGS utilizes a “PEGS to Success” method that brings you to the top of mountain, so to speak. Just like in rock climbing, your grip needs to be firm with each passing movements. All movements needs to be aligned in order to get you to your next step, and so on and so forth. What happens if you are not fully grasping the area of need? You fall, and reap all the repercussions from what happens next. By allowing yourself to take in the necessary steps one by one, you create sturdy ground to build upon. The top of the mountain is only attainable one step at a time, and reading this you have already begun your journey. 

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