Roger Mischel

Roger Mischel is a distinguished figure in the world of baseball, known for his remarkable achievements both as a player and as a coach. With a career that spans from standout performances on the field to a transformative role in coaching and mentoring young athletes, Roger has left an indelible mark on the sport.
Roger's journey in baseball began during his high school years, where he quickly emerged as a standout player, demonstrating exceptional skills as both a pitcher and a solid hitter. His talent and dedication led him to attain the prestigious honor of being recognized as an All-American college pitcher during his collegiate career. Starting at Queensborough Community College, Roger honed his abilities for two seasons before transitioning to Adelphi University, where he continued to make a lasting impact.
Upon graduating from Adelphi University, Roger's passion for the game translated seamlessly into coaching. He returned to Queensborough Community College to begin his coaching career, embarking on a path that would lead him to remarkable success. Over the course of six years, Roger ascended the ranks to become the head coach, a role in which he thrived and garnered widespread acclaim. His tenure as head coach was defined by his exceptional leadership, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to his players' development both on and off the field.
During his time as head coach, Roger earned accolades as Coach of the Year for both the conference and the school, underscoring his prowess in guiding and nurturing talent. His coaching prowess culminated in three CUNY championships, a testament to his ability to inspire and lead his team to victory.
In 2020, faced with unique circumstances that altered the trajectory of his coaching career, Roger seamlessly transitioned his efforts towards youth baseball, where he has since made a profound impact. Through his dedication and vision, he has fostered invaluable relationships and spearheaded transformative programs for youth baseball across New York City, empowering young athletes to realize their full potential on the diamond.
Moreover, Roger's commitment to the growth of the sport extends beyond the field, as he has created opportunities for baseball coaches to re-engage with the game they love, providing mentorship and coaching prospects to reignite their passion for the sport.
With a diverse skill set that includes certification as a mental skills coach and a background in exercise and sports science, Roger embodies a new-age approach to baseball, prioritizing the holistic well-being and development of athletes. His innovative methods are geared towards keeping athletes healthy, strong, and equipped with the mental fortitude to excel in every aspect of the game.
As a transformative figure in the baseball community, Roger Mischel continues to shape the future of the sport, inspiring athletes and coaches alike with his unwavering dedication, expertise, and forward-thinking approach to the game.