My son has made dramatic improvements in all the areas he was lacking

My son decided to start playing baseball at the age of 12. It was very slow going especially during the height of the pandemic.  He needed help in all areas of the game. We’ve been working with Roger since August 1st of 2020. Since then my son has made dramatic improvements in all the areas he was lacking. He went from not starting and batting 9th to starting at second and hitting 5th. Roger is also helping him become a pitcher.  Without Roger my sons game would not be where it is today. Roger doesn’t go through the motions when training. He focuses on the athletes weak points and works from the ground up. Roger is well-versed in the science of baseball mechanics and mental training strategies. One of Rogers strong points is his ability to communicate with his athletes. He has a way of verbalizing what he wants from the athlete that seems to be easily absorbed resulting in positive results. His easygoing and kind demeanor is a great fit for my son who genuinely looks forward to training with Roger each week. My son and I feel very happy and blessed that we met Roger.

Rob Miller
Queens, NY