His enthusiasm for the sport is infectious and was a great fit for our son...

Coach Roger is all about baseball and the right way to play the game. Working with coach Roger and his team of Coaches has been by far the best little league experience we have had for our son. We met at a Winter Baseball Clinic held at QCC in January of 2020. His enthusiasm for the sport is infectious and was a great fit for our son at the age of 8. His programs are organized and run with intent, focus, and fun. Coach Roger and his Coaches utilize their knowledge of the mechanics of the sport coupled with mental skills training to aid in a young athlete’s development. As we know most athletic ventures are 80% mental and 20% skill. We reconnected with Coach Roger this March 2021 coming out of the pandemic. The pandemic had kept our son from playing the sport that he loves and led to him losing stamina. This also impacted his confidence and left him not in a great place as the 2021 little league season was preparing to begin.

Coach Roger comes from that place of health, well-being, and mental agility. When you connect with Coach Roger you connect with a professional, who has an athlete’s perspective, an open ear to parental concerns, and the utmost positive intent for the athlete and their training. We are grateful professionals like Roger and the PEGS Coaches and all that they do for the sport of Baseball. We highly recommend their programs, training, and Staff. They have taken our sons love for baseball to a more focused all-around ball player with key mechanics, mental clarity, and confidence for the sport. We look forward to continuing to work with Coach Roger and PEGS Baseball throughout our son’s athletic endeavors.

Dina Mimnaugh
East Elmhurst, NY