Thanks To All Who Attended 2nd Annual Fall Clinic

Saturday, September 17, 2022


Thanks to All Who Attended the

PEGS 2nd Annual Fall Clinic October 10, 2022

PEGS Player Development Clinics are designed for players of all skill levels, whether you’re a young player learning basic skills or an older player looking to improve their overall  game. 

PEGS Positive Environment is key for players to learn each and every day of our camps. We strive to make it a fun and a collective team environment for all players. PEGS will use groups based on age and skill specific groups to allow the proper instruction to create more confident players and also will help an individual player if they are having difficulty with a skillset too. 


PEGS Basics and Fundamental Approach allows players to work on their fundamentals in throwing, catching, fielding, hitting, baserunning and specific position(P, C, INF, OF) instruction too.

PEGS Reps and Game Situations are covered at each of our clinics. We always have a low coach to camper ratio which offers each player direct attention along the way of having a learning positive day with PEGS. Daily contests of course are included too.


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Below you will find what is required/recommended for your young athlete for a successful week of camp:

  • All athletes are required to have their own hat, glove, lunch & water bottle.

  • Please put your young athletes name on all their equipment, as some players tend to have the same equipment. 

  • Athlete recommendations are to provide sunscreen, dress comfortably (baseball pants or shorts are acceptable), a cooling towel in their cooler (for neck and face).

  • We usually encourage athletes to bring whatever they think they will need. You can send spare clothes for them to change into.

  • There will be a water cooler with ice water to refill their water bottles. We may have snacks and drinks available for purchase as well. 

  • All players are required to get signed in and signed out each day. 

  • The goal is to get the camp in. In the event of rain we are going to first look if we can get the day in, even if it means a delayed start. In the event of questionable weather, everyone will receive an email and a text letting them know of the plans for the day. 

  • In the event of questionable weather we will be using a texting service called Rainout.