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Thursday, March 3, 2022


Limited offer:  PEGS is also offering a $25  discount when you register with a sibling/friend/relative/teammate or in a group of three or more players. Follow the instructions at the bottom of registration form for $25 discount. 

Click HERE to email our camp director about your group discount today.

Summer Camp Full July Week (5 days) $350 Sale $275

Summer Camps 2 Full Weeks (5 Days) $650 Sale $525

Summer Camps 3 Full Weeks (5 Days)-$900 Sale $775

3 July Weeks plus Late Summer August Clinic (4 Days) Sale $1000

Summer Camp One Day Package $80 

Summer Camp Two Days Package-$150

Summer Camp Three Days Package-$225

Summer Camp Four Days Package-$280




If attending Summer July Clinic Wk#1, July Clinic Week #2, July Clinic Wk#3 or Late Summer August Clinic please choose your player's package (# of days attending)
If you're taking advantage of our $25 sale offer of registering with a friend or sibling, PLEASE LIST THE OTHER PLAYER'S NAME HERE. Both players must register first and we will then send you each an PayPal invoice reflecting the additional $25 discount for you to complete payment. Please list days your player will be attending. i.g. Mon-Fri, Mon & Weds, Tues only, Tue-Fri

Health Certification and Disclaimer:

My son/daughter is in good health and has my full permission to participate in a vigorous clinic program. I understand that participation in any sports program carries the risk of injury. If medical attention beyond first aid is required, and I cannot be reached at the emergency number provided, I give permission for medical attention to be administered. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform PEGS Baseball Training of any physical, mental, or emotional condition that may prohibit my child’s participation in clinic activities. I also understand that PEGS Baseball Training and any training facility used by Pegs Baseball training are not responsible for lost or stolen items, and I give my permission for any photograph taken at the camp to be used for publicity purposes only.


I further understand that there is a risk of injury related to participating in the baseball clinic and agree that the facility at which the clinic is held, PEGS Baseball Training, LLC their respective employees, agents, subcontractors, and representatives are not liable or responsible for any injuries or damages to person or property that may occur involving my son/daughter.
I hereby indemnify and hold harmless the facility at which the clinic is held, PEGS Baseball Training, LLC and the staff of the baseball camp, their employees, agents, subcontractors, officers, directors, and staff from any liability arising out of the participation of my son/daughter in the baseball clinic. I hereby advise the officers of the facility and baseball camp that I / we have adequate health insurance to provide for and pay for any medical costs that may directly or indirectly result from the participation of my son/daughter in this clinic.

By submitting the above registration you agree to this statment: I have read and understand the above statements and would like to enroll my son/daughter in a PEGS Event 

After submitting this registration form you will be directed to make your payment by credit card. As there are limited slots for each clinic only your payment assures your slot.