CANCELLED-PEGS Sandlot Wednesdays or Fridays Summer League

Tuesday, May 3, 2022


Unfortunately this program has been cancelled for the summer of 2022.

We hope to have this program next year.

To describe our expectation for this program is that we will do a active warmup players for start of the evening's game, players will be positioned on the field and in the batting lineup. The game begins with a machine doing the pitching as the game begins. We will visit the players pitching as we determine the skill levels. Our staff will coach throughout each inning to the fielders as well as assist each batter. Each inning will be monitored to allow us to maximize each team's time on the field as well as hitting. We finish up each evening with a review of the game and reinforce things to correct or improve on. Here's is an opportunity to get some experience playing in a summer baseball game with instructional support during the game. A continual learning experience while gettin the reps in a game. We will group the players by their skill level and age group.

Field Location 236-02 Hillside Ave Bellerose. NY